PowerFilm unveils LightSaver solar charger

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PowerFilm has announced the release of LightSaver, which the company claims is the lightest and most compact solar charger in the world.

LightSaver features a solar USB charging system which allows it to store solar energy.

The LightSaver’s flexible solar module wraps around the outside of the core taking up minimal space in your pack, pocket, or bag, the company says When you’re ready to recharge the LightSaver, unroll the panel to expose it to the sun. Four attachment points located at each corner allow for easy mounting to a variety of surfaces.

Once fully charged, users can simply roll it up. A convenient micro-USB port also allows you to pre-charge the LightSaver before leaving home.

The standard LightSaver charges a cell phone one and half times and can be recharged by six hours of full sunlight (approximately one sunny day). The device weighs only 4.9 ounces and taking up minimal packing space.

Diverse applications, military grade build and lightweight construction make PowerFilm’s products and new LightSaver line a leader in portable solar charging.

Rajani Baburajan

[email protected]

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