Primrose Solar energises 5MW Merston solar farm, Sussex

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Primrose Solar announced it has connected Merston Solar Farm, near Chichester, Sussex, to the grid and it is now generating electricity.

With a capacity of 5 MW the project will generate enough power to supply the equivalent of 2,100 typical homes per year.

Merston Solar Farm is expected to become one of the first ‘5 and 5’ schemes in the UK in line with the government’s ‘shared-ownership’ framework for renewable energy projects, the company said.

Primrose acquired half the project from the developer, Solstice Renewables, in October last year. The other half is being developed by Solstice Renewables and Mongoose Energy in conjunction with Meadow Blue Community Energy, which intends to build a community-owned solar farm.

Giles Clark, CEO, Primrose Solar, said, “Merston will make an important contribution to local and national renewable energy and carbon reduction targets, helping the government to achieve the climate change commitments it recently made in Paris. This is a very good solar site with the best light levels in the country.”

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