Primrose Solar sells 5 solar farms totalling 80MWp to Equitix

Primrose Solar announced it has sold the remaining assets in its portfolio of operational solar farms to Equitix.

The 80 MWp transaction includes sites attracting ROCs in the range 1.4 to 1.6, all accredited in 2014: Garn in Vale of Glamorgan (7.4 MWp), Race Farm in Dorset (6.1 MWp), Newton in Dorset (11.3 MWp), Nova Scotia in Norfolk (13.9 MWp); and Canworthy Solar Farm in Cornwall (41 MWp).

This concludes the disposal of Primrose’s solar portfolio, following the sale announced last week of 78 MWp assets to Greencoat Solar I and in January this year of 95 MWp to the Bluefield Solar Income Fund.

Since Primrose was founded in 2013, it has built 15 different ground-mount solar projects in England and Wales, totaling 253 MWp. Its sites have included some of the UK’s largest: Eveley in Hampshire at 49MWp; Southwick, also in Hampshire, at 48 MWp; and Canworthy in Cornwall at 41 MWp.

Giles Clark, CEO, Primrose Solar, said, “The sale of these last assets to Equitix, one of the UK’s leading socially responsible investors, means they will remain in good hands continuing to contribute to the UK’s sustainable future for many years to come.

“This is a great note to end the year on, and while this deal marks the end of one phase for Primrose Solar we look forward to the new solar opportunities that 2017 and beyond will bring.”

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