PV-Kraftwerker announces Momo robot that builds solar power plants

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PV-Kraftwerker announces Momo robot that builds solar power plants

Greentech Lead America: PV-Kraftwerker announced that it will present its mobile
assembly robot, named Momo at the Intersolar North America for the first time
in the USA.

Momo can tackle the whole building process. On the
building open area, the robot can work easily on difficult terrain and cover
large distances so it is ideal for large area assemblies. The robot moves to the
designated site, supplied with all the necessary photovoltaic modules,
assembles the photovoltaic unit and moves on to the next one.

“With Momo, hardly any modules suffer breakages,
programming eliminates assembly errors and fitters no longer suffer from
assembly related injuries,” said Eberhard Schulz, managing director of the

The company claims that Momo improves 80 percent
efficiency in assembling, maintenance and cleaning work. System removal could
also be carried out in similar fashion.

Momo features the gripper system, equipped with sensors,
enables the fully automated assembly of modules on substructures in any
terrain. A three-dimensional camera, mounted on the gripper or a support tool,
captures the complete assembly process of the modules and adjusts any deviation
from the defined standard with millimeter accuracy.

Gripper and camera are coordinated with each other, so
that they quickly and reliably capture the position on the substructures,
enabling accurate assembly of each module, this process may be repeated

In the course of the work, the assembly robot can cover
up to 70 kilometers per assembly. When removing a photovoltaic power generator,
the assembly system operates in reverse order.

Momo can work round the clock, regardless of weather
conditions. The company plans for series-production in the course of next year.

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