Qcells secures 35% share in U.S. residential solar module market

QCells solar PV module

Qcells, a prominent provider of comprehensive energy solutions, continues to assert its dominance in the solar industry across the residential and commercial markets in the United States, as stated in a recent report from Wood Mackenzie, a leading energy research and consultancy firm.

According to Wood Mackenzie’s Q2 2023 U.S. PV Leaderboard Report, Qcells secured an impressive 35 percent market share in the U.S. residential solar module market for Q1 2023, extending its streak as the number one supplier for 15 consecutive quarters. Notably, over one-third of U.S. households that adopted solar technology in Q1 2023 opted for Qcells panels, setting a new record for the highest individual supplier market share in the past decade.

In addition, Qcells maintained its leadership position in the U.S. commercial market with a commanding 35.3 percent market share for Q1 2023, retaining its top spot for over four years.

To further solidify its market performance, Qcells is making a substantial investment of over $2.5 billion to establish a comprehensive solar supply chain within the United States. This announcement marks the largest investment in American solar history and positions Qcells as the sole company in the U.S. to create an integrated, silicon-based solar supply chain from raw materials to finished panels.

Alongside its expansion plans, Qcells has achieved significant milestones in developing turnkey energy solutions for residential, commercial, and utility sectors, exemplifying its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of customers across all three segments.

Qcells is also actively pursuing the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) ecolabel for select solar panels. The globally recognized, voluntary label helps customers identify low-carbon solar panels and inverters, enabling them to choose environmentally friendly options. By pursuing such ecolabels, Qcells demonstrates its dedication to sustainability and reducing the climate footprint of the solar industry.

Justin Lee, CEO of Qcells, expressed pride in the quality of the company’s products and the recognition from satisfied customers who view Qcells as a reliable choice for solar solutions. Lee emphasized Qcells’ commitment to going above and beyond for customers, ensuring easy access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable clean energy technology.