Qn-SOLAR Surpasses 4.5GW Global Sales, Forges Ahead with Expansive Growth Plans

Qn-SOLAR Production Capacity Distribution in 2024

Qn-SOLAR, a solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer, has celebrated a remarkable achievement in 2023, surging past the 4.5GW mark in global sales.

This accomplishment marks a significant stride for the company, expanding its market reach from Europe and Brazil to a global scale encompassing Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North America, and South America. Integral to this success is the implementation of localized teams, optimizing Qn-SOLAR’s localization strategy to efficiently cater to diverse customer needs and support business expansion.

Stephen Cai, Chairman and Co-founder of Qn-SOLAR, expressed pride in the company’s achievements and reiterated confidence in the team’s prowess, emphasizing the company’s commitment to fostering growth.

Cai outlined Qn-SOLAR’s strategic business sectors, emphasizing PV manufacturing and renewable energy power plant investments, energy storage, hydrogen energy, and green power supply. Furthermore, the company is staunchly dedicated to answering the global call for zero carbon emissions, actively contributing to a sustainable future.

Key Highlights of 2023

Sales Growth: Qn-SOLAR’s estimated sales volume exceeding 4.5GW highlights substantial success in pivotal markets like Germany, Spain, Italy, and Brazil.

Market Access: Acquiring multiple certifications, including Japan’s JP-AC, Brazil’s INMETRO, Colombia’s RETIE, China’s CQC, European PV CYCLE, Italy’s FIRE CLASS 1, and the UK’s MCS, signifies Qn-SOLAR’s commitment to meeting global standards and compliance.

Localization Strategy: Successful establishment of localized teams in various countries, encompassing critical functions such as business development, sales, after-sales, and logistics, bolstering their market presence.

Sustainable Development: Venturing into energy storage and hydrogen energy in Northwest China, Qn-SOLAR has forged impactful partnerships to expedite manufacturing facilities and project deployments in PV hydrogen production and hydrogen power plants, aligning closely with COP28’s focus on boosting clean energy capacity.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Qn-SOLAR is poised to intensify its global expansion, setting a target of 10GW in global sales for 2024. The company aims to bolster its presence in markets worldwide, prioritizing participation in key industry exhibitions like Intersolar, Solar Power International, World Future Energy Summit, PV Expo Tokyo, ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week, and Key Energy. These platforms serve as pivotal arenas for Qn-SOLAR to engage with industry leaders, establish crucial connections, and showcase their innovative solutions on a global stage, propelling their trajectory towards sustainable growth and technological advancement.