REC Group signs equipment deal with Maxwell Technologies

REC Group solar panel at Intersolar Europe

REC Group, a solar energy company in Norway, has signed a equipment supply agreement with Maxwell Technologies, a manufacturer of solar cell and module equipment.

The agreement covers the supply of equipment for REC’s latest heterojunction technology (HJT) innovation, REC Alpha Pure-R, introduced at this year’s Intersolar Europe. This supply agreement follows the acquisition of REC last December by Reliance Industries (RIL).

The REC Alpha Pure-R Series was unveiled at Intersolar Europe 2022 as the world’s highest-power solar panel for residential installations with G12 HJT cells and marks REC’s latest bold innovation. Featuring half-cut HJT cells in the large G12 format in a patented panel design, it delivers power output of up to 430 Wp, while keeping the module under two square meters in area.

Production started this September at REC’s site in Singapore based on Maxwell’s equipment, doubling REC’s HJT Alpha capacities from 600 MW to 1.2 GW.