Reliant First Nation achieves FIT 3 solar energy contracts

Reliant First Nation Limited Partnership (RFNLP), governed by Solar Income Fund and Adelaide Solar Energy has received FIT 3 contract offers on 176 commercial rooftop projects totaling 38.7 MW of power.

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has made the offer of this 403 Rooftop Solar PV Feed-in Tariff (FIT) contracts.

The contract is as part of a FIT Version 3 Renewable Energy Contract strategy.

This proves that contract offers on 89 percent of the applications submitted by RFNLP is received.

Of the 123.5 MW of contracts the OPA was authorized to advocate with renewable energy applications, RFNLP represented 31 percent of the total along with 45 percent of Solar Rooftop applications.

This shows the hard work of the partners involved in project and is an example of the partnerships that Solar Income Fund develops both in Ontario and globally, says Jennifer Jackson, president, COO, Solar Income Fund.

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