ReneSola Replus solar inverters to be sold in seven countries

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Greentech Lead Asia: ReneSola, a provider of solar photovoltaic (PV) products, announced its string inverter, Replus, has formally obtained certification in Australia, Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands,  Belgium,  Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden and Romania.

“Along with our Micro Replus certifications, these certifications are key to expanding our downstream business in international markets. They are a testament to the performance, credibility and safety of Replus, a cost-efficient solution for increasing the energy output of solar modules,” said Xianshou Li, ReneSola’s chief executive officer.

“Compared to microinverters, string inverters tend to have lower costs per peak watt and greater capacity. We plan to capitalize on our quality-certified string and microinverters to provide households and large-scale PV systems worldwide with a variety of solar energy solutions,” Li added.

ReneSola’s Replus 1.5-5kW single-phase and 10-20kW three-phase string inverters convert DC electricity from one or more strings of solar panels to AC electricity.

The solar inverters have received a number of certifications in the first seven months of 2013, including VDE certification from Bureau Veritas, Certificates of Approval from SAA Approvals, G83 and G59 Compliance Documents from Bureau Veritas, and RD1699, C10/11, DIN V VDE V0126-1 and EN50438 certifications from Bureau Veritas.

The company expects its Replus string inverter to receive certifications for an additional three countries by August 2013.

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