Renewable America Forges Solar Partnership with Pearl Crop to Power Facilities in California

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Renewable America (RNA), a provider of distributed energy solutions in California, has signed a design-build agreement with Pearl Crop, a food processing company with facilities in central California.

The collaboration will inaugurate a new 2.2 MWdc commercial solar project spread across four locations in Ripon, Linden, and Stockton, CA. Recognizing the high energy demands of food processing, the solar initiative aims to establish a carbon-free energy source to power Pearl Crop’s operations.

Ardi Arian, President & CEO of Renewable America, expressed enthusiasm for championing Pearl Crop’s sustainability ambitions while expanding solar adoption throughout California. Acknowledging Pearl Crop’s pivotal role in California’s agricultural sphere, Arian lauded the company’s leadership in transitioning to solar energy.

Of the various sites included in the agreement, Pearl Crop’s Stockton location represents the largest footprint, with the new solar deployment anticipated to supplant 86 percent of the facility’s annual energy usage, resulting in an estimated 53.2 percent reduction in the total utility bill. Commencing work in December 2023, the project is slated for completion across the portfolio by summer 2024.

The deal, in development for nearly a year before the signing, underwent meticulous scrutiny. RNA conducted a comprehensive analysis of Pearl Crop’s energy consumption patterns, assessing multiple system designs to determine the optimal return on investment.

Pre-design phases involved extensive due diligence, including rooftop inspections and structural evaluations to ensure the roofs could accommodate the proposed solar infrastructure.

The project will encompass roughly 5,400 410-watt monocrystalline solar panels employing ballasted and rail-mounted systems, spanning an area of 251,114 square feet. Each development is strategically designed to positively impact local communities, with RNA conducting thorough impact assessments for all projects.

Ulash Turkan, CEO of Pearl Crop, expressed excitement about partnering with Renewable America, citing RNA’s solar development expertise and commitment to local communities. Turkan highlighted the joint effort’s alignment with California’s clean-energy aspirations, fostering streamlined operations at Pearl Crop while contributing to a sustainable future.

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