Runergy Showcases Cutting-Edge Photovoltaic Modules at RE+ Exhibition

By Editor


Leading solar technology innovator, Runergy, made waves at this year’s RE+ exhibition by presenting a range of high-efficiency modules featuring N-type and mainstream PERC cell technologies. These modules offer exceptional performance and versatility, catering to diverse solar projects.

Among the standout modules exhibited was the 54 half-cell N-Type high-efficiency module, boasting a sleek full-black aesthetic design, ideal for rooftop applications. Its lightweight construction ensures easy and efficient installation. Despite its compact size, this module packs a powerful punch, with a maximum power output of 425W, promising higher returns and shorter investment cycles for homeowners.

Additionally, Runergy showcased two other N-Type modules, the 72 and 78 half-cell variants, tailored for ground-mounted projects and tracker systems. Runergy’s expertise in high-efficiency N-type cell R&D and manufacturing is evident in these offerings, promising lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and greater long-term value for project owners. The 72 half-cell N-type module received special recognition as an Overall Highest Achiever, excelling in quality, performance, and reliability tests by RETC.

In addition to the N-Type modules, Runergy introduced the 72 half-cell single glass PERC module, manufactured at its cutting-edge facility in Thailand. With over a decade of experience in the photovoltaic industry and cell shipments exceeding 50GW, Runergy remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering high-efficiency products that offer exceptional value to customers globally.

On the inaugural day of the RE+ exhibition, Runergy took significant strides in expanding its global footprint. Hyperion, the esteemed module brand under Runergy, inked a global strategic agreement with Nanosun, targeting strategic markets such as Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Concurrently, Hyperion entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Grape Solar, focusing on furthering its presence in the U.S. market.

Mitchell Aguirre, COO of Nanosun, expressed strong confidence in collaborating with Hyperion to craft innovative green energy solutions.

Ocean Yuan, the founder and CEO of Grape Solar, emphasized the shared commitment to partnership and strategic alliances, underscoring the immense potential for future collaborations. This strategic expansion affirms Runergy’s dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions and amplifying its global impact in the renewable energy sector.

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