RWE Set to Launch 20 MW Solar Plant in Wildenfels, Saxony

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RWE, a leading energy company, has received approval from the Saxon city of Wildenfels to proceed with the construction of the Schonau solar plant, a significant renewable energy initiative set to power approximately 6,700 households in the Zwickau district.

The approved solar system, boasting a capacity of 20 MWp (16 MWac), is slated to cover an expansive 19-hectare area. Comprising about 36,000 bifacial modules — solar panels capable of harnessing light from both sides — the plant aims to maximize efficiency by utilizing direct sunlight and reflected rays, making it highly productive. Upon its scheduled launch in autumn 2024, the solar plant anticipates generating roughly 21 million kilowatt hours of clean energy annually.

Katja Wunschel, CEO of RWE Renewables Europe & Australia, expressed enthusiasm about the project’s significance, stating, “Implementing our first photovoltaic system in Saxony marks our commitment to further solar growth, especially in Germany, our home market.”

Wunschel highlighted the company’s dedication to community welfare through the RWE climate bonus, a voluntary contribution of 0.2 cents per kilowatt-hour generated, equating to approximately €42,000 in additional annual income for Wildenfels. Moreover, RWE aims to introduce a solar savings bond in collaboration with a major German bank, emphasizing local citizen involvement and benefit.

In Germany, RWE manages onshore wind farms and solar systems totaling nearly 700 megawatts. Notably, RWE pioneers innovation with photovoltaic storage power plants located on former opencast mine sites like Inden, Garzweiler, and ongoing projects at Hambach. Additionally, RWE is on the cusp of finalizing its inaugural Agri-PV demonstration system.

RWE has ambitious investment plans, eyeing a net investment of approximately €11 billion in green generation capacities within Germany over the next seven years. This commitment underlines RWE’s dedication to accelerating the country’s transition towards sustainable energy sources and solidifies its position as a frontrunner in renewable energy innovation.

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