Salamon Group to increase stake in Solar Samoa

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Salamon Group to increase stake in Solar Samoa

Greentech Lead America: The Salamon Group, a green energy
company, has decided to increase stake in Solar Samoa, a solar energy company
that possesses a pipeline of solar projects that Eco Energy and its partners
have been developing.

The first Solar Samoa project is a 4.5 MW project. It
will generate first year revenues of $2.5 million. The 20 year outlook for the
first Solar Samoa system is approximate gross revenues of $70 million and net
cashflow estimated at $18 million over its life.

“The signing of this agreement is another step
forward in the Company’s strategy to expand and become a global player in the
solar power industry. We are very excited to have the opportunity to acquire
the balance of this company in Samoa and to provide reliable, cost efficient
and clean renewable energy to its citizens of Samoa, as we continue to
establish ourselves as a global solar energy provider. These solar
installations will be designed, built and managed by Sunlogics Power
Fund,” said Michael Matvieshen, CEO.

“The opportunity for Solar in Samoa enhances the
company profile in the global solar market place. The Samoa opportunity allows
Salamon Group to draw on our world class solar experts that we have brought
under our umbrella with the acquisitions of Arise Technologies, ECO Energy
Solutions, as well as our strategic relationship with China Triumph,” said
Bingle, the newly appointed President.

Salamon Group looks to acquire assets and other companies
in the solar and renewable energy space that are a strategic fit.

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