Sauer Energy to select distributors for WindCharger Turbine in North America

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Sauer Energy to select distributors for WindCharger Turbine in North America

Greentech Lead America: Sauer Energy, a manufacturer
focused on the renewable energy market, is set to sign its first 25 regional
distributor partners for sales and installations for its WindCharger Vertical-Axis
Wind Turbine in North America. 

“We are certainly encouraged and appreciative of the
strong response we’ve had already for distributorships. The pent up demand for
the WindCharger has been stronger than we anticipated. We are now reviewing and
processing the first of our Distributor Partners and we will be working to meet
that demand,” said Dieter Sauer, CEO and President of Sauer Energy.

WindCharger generates power at as little as 5-mph (2.2
m/s). With its compact size, WindCharger is suitable for residential and
commercial roof tops as well as large scale commercial power farms and new
unconventional locations such as communication and utility tower locations.

The company claims that the WindCharger is a highly
efficient wind turbine that has a very low profile with environmental and
aesthetic advantages over the large, horizontal windmills. WindCharger can
co-exist with locations that have solar panel installations.

The WindCharger intends to bring efficient, reliable,
safe and virtually noiseless renewable energy to counteract the high-cost of
electricity with an opportunity to help the environment. Unlike traditional
wind turbines, the vertical axis turbine
has the blades connected at both ends, and the blades do not swing by the tower
and create noise. Also, with no high-speed wing tips exposed, the vertical axis
turbine has a relatively low impact on bird populations.

Sauer Energy is now selecting applications for regional Distributors
in North America as it begins to ramp up its plans for high rate production.
This network will be poised to provide the market penetration necessary for
full sales potential.

Recently, Sauer Energy
signed an agreement to enter into a pilot program with ENRCOM, for renewable
energy distribution in Mexico.

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