SavWatt to launch one-stop shop for LED lights, solar panels, solar water heaters, solar pool heaters

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SavWatt to launch one-stop shop for LED lights, solar panels, solar water heaters, solar pool heaters

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Lead Team:
SavWatt USA, a developer of energy-efficient and cost-effective LED
lighting solutions, plans to begin its California operations in the second
quarter of 2012. SavWatt will enter the market by creating SavWatt Depot, a
one-stop shop for contractors and homeowners to pick up energy-efficient home
products including LED lights, solar panels, solar water heaters, solar pool
heaters, battery storage and other energy efficient products.

A 12,000
square foot facility in San Marcos, California is currently being renovated for
this launch. The facility will also serve as the company’s west coast offices.
Based on this new addition SavWatt’s sales forecast for 2012 is $15 million.

The company
classifies the 1st quarter 2012 as their development stage and
expects revenues will begin in 2nd quarter 2012. Company plans to
initiate several substantial projects this quarter and on target to exceed $10
million in revenues for 2012.

SavWatt also
announced the appointments of Julio Ferreira, Jim Rivette and Sheldon Bender.

Julio Ferreira has joined the SavWatt team to identify
opportunities in Brazil. Brazil is one of the leading green initiatives
countries, and provides SavWatt with huge sales potentials, especially with a
focus on the upcoming World Cup Games in 2014.

Jim Rivette will be heading SavWatt’s International
Division and has booked several meetings for his upcoming trip to Western
Africa next month.

Sheldon Bender has joined the company as full time adviser
to the CEO to explore opportunities in partnering with the State of New of
York,, a major Chinese supplier of LED Lights, Solar Panels, Storage
Batteries and Electric Cars and others.

Eco-poles have been installed in strategic locations for testing and continued
to be installed and upgraded. These tests provide valuable information for
deployment of thousands of units worldwide in the upcoming years. A Carbon
Credit application will be finalized this quarter with the assumption that a
forward sale can be made providing valuable subsidies for their deployment.

new Sun-poles featuring Solar and Lithium Ion batteries enable simple
installation of street lights to be deployed without connectivity to the
electric grid. Solar panels’ updated technology and pricing, coupled with
Federal and State incentives, still make it a commodity that SavWatt will be
capitalizing on. Solar panels will be added shortly to SavWatt’s web site.

In May 2012,
SavWatt will participate in the premier annual US Lightfair exhibition, May
9-11 in Las Vegas. The exhibition has been sold out and it is anticipated 75
percent of this year’s showing will be LED lights.

recently opened
an office in the Washington DC area to focus on assisting the Federal
Government to achieve its energy sustainability goals.

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