Schneider Electric to showcase new products at solar power event


Schneider Electric Solar will be displaying a series of new products and solutions for PV power plants, commercial, residential and off-grid applications at Solar Power International, to be held on October 20-23 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Solar Power International is North America’s premier educational conference and product exhibition, participated by more than 15,000 solar industry professionals from over 75 countries.

Schneider Electric is committed to providing customers with robust, long-term and highly reliable solutions, understanding the specific care and requirements needed in the PV industry, pointed out, Serge Goldenberg, Senior vice president, Solar Business, Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric provides global service and support, backed by over 1 GW of service contracts with a wide range of track record of O&M service contracts.


Attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about the following products and solutions offered by the company:

PV Skid is an optimized solar power conversion system for North America, offered by the firm. This is available in configurations beginning from 1MW to 2MW combining the latest offering like inverters, transformer, and DC combiner box.

Conext Core XC-NA is a central inverter designed for greater efficiency output of any PV installation integrated with a DC combiner, fuse, monitoring options and a ground fault detection system to reduce hazards from PV array blind spots.

Conext Control monitoring and control system is a SCADA solution that integrates control, solar monitoring, and performance management features that will efficiently perform at any site.

The Conext CL is a new line of three-phase string inverters designed for high efficiency, maximum flexibility, and easy installation and service. Its electrolyte-free design, added with stringent test procedures improves inverter’s long-term reliability.


The Conext XW+ is an adaptable single-phase and three-phase system hybrid inverter with grid-tie functionality, functional in both DC and AC-coupled systems and is suitable for hybrid applications up to 102kW.

The Conext SW is a 24VDC /48VDC model hybrid inverter for off-grid, backup power, and self-consumption applications.

Conext Insight is a remote monitoring and asset management portal for battery-based installations and decentralized PV plants using Conext systems
Conext Combox is a powerful communications and monitoring device for Conext solar system operators. It features an integrated web server that provides graphical displays of energy data which can be viewed using a web browser as well as Android tablet devices.

Conext Smartbox is a monitoring and control solution for decentralized PV plants using Conext inverters.

Sabeena Wahid
[email protected]