Session Solar announces 501 kW solar project for Thermalito Water and Sewer District

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Session Solar announces 501 kW solar project for Thermalito Water and Sewer District

Greentech Lead America: Session Solar announced that its
installation partner, Elite Solar of Chico, CA, has broken ground on a 501 kW
solar project for the Thermalito Water and Sewer District in Oroville, CA.

The solar project is expected to save $3.8 million in
electricity costs over 25 years.

“The District is not viewing this as a revenue
source it is viewing this as a cost avoidance tool. This is one way that the
District can provide a reliable and safe domestic water and wastewater service
at the same time, control its rising cost of electricity that it is burdened
with,”said Jayme Boucher, general manager of Thermalito Water and Sewer

As part of the project, there will be two solar systems:
a 481kW ground mount at the treatment facility and a 20kW roof top at the
district office.

The project will be installed by Elite Solar.

Elite Solar is planning to utilize Creotecc Mounting
System featuring an advanced insertion rail which secures modules without
clamps and reduces the installation time.

Elite Solar said the ground mount will consist of
products including 2,048 SCHOTT Solar modules on a CREOTERRA mounting system
and PV Powered inverters.

The system will be monitored by Solar-Log. The 481kW
system is designed to eliminate 100 percent of the electricity bill and
generate enough electricity to power approximately 100 single family homes.

“The Thermalito Water and Sewer District investment in
solar will yield positive cash flow from day one. Expected PG&E savings
will far outweigh the payments from the tax-exempt municipal lease used by the
district to finance the project,” says Cale Garamendi, Project Developer of
Session Solar.

Elite Solar is responsible for constructing and
maintaining the solar facility. Session Solar has secured financing for the
project, prepared the feasibility study, and sourced the equipment.

Elite Solar helped the District securing a
performance-based California state incentive which is expected to provide
$280,000 spread over the first 5 years of operation.

The system is expected to completely eliminate the
district’s electricity bill. A combination of PG&E savings, California
Solar Initiative rebate revenues, and low-interest municipal financing will
result in more than $3.8 million of positive cash flow over the 25 year life of
the system.

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