Session Solar partners with Meridian to develop 513kW solar project

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Session Solar partners with Meridian to develop 513kW solar project

By Greentech Lead America: Session Solar, the
manufacturer of Creotecc Solar Mounting Systems, has partnered with Meridian
Electrical Associates to develop a 513 kW solar project for the Christina Seix
Academy in Trenton, NJ. As a consultant to Meridian, Session Solar designed and
engineered the ground mount system, provided electrical and grounding plans,
and will supply 90 percent of the equipment.

The project will utilize Session Solar’s innovative
Creotecc ground mount system CREOTERRA, 2,184 SCHOTT Solar modules and 2 SMA
Sunny Central inverters. Christina Seix project will generate more than 560,000
kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy per year, enough to power 100 single
family homes for one year.

“Session Solar is excited at the opportunity to
partner with Meridian and provide high quality solar equipment for this
project, including CREOTERRA, our ground mount system designed to save on both
material and labor costs”, said Cale Garamendi, project developer for Session

The Christina Seix Academy project will generate a
significant revenue source through the New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy
Credits Program (SREC’s). The program allows Christina Seix Academy to sell
electricity back to the utility provider.

One SREC is equivalent to 1,000 kWH of electricity. All
SREC’s generated during the first 15 years of operation are eligible to be sold
either on the spot market or under long-term purchase contracts with the
electricity provider. The initial system cost is expected to be paid off
through a combination of reduced energy bills and SREC revenue within the first
5-6 years.

Session Solar coordinated the geotechnical steel pile
testing, which was a crucial step toward completing the final P.E. stamped
construction plan set. Session Solar also provided onsite technical support
during the first week of the ground mount installation to ensure a seamless
Creotecc installation experience.

Session Solar announces 501 kW solar project for Thermalito
Water and Sewer District

Recently, Session Solar announced that its
installation partner, Elite Solar of Chico, CA, broken ground on a 501 kW solar
project for the Thermalito Water and Sewer District in Oroville, CA. The solar
project is expected to save $3.8 million in electricity costs over 25 years.

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