S:Flex introduces photovoltaic module mounting package 12-Kit

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US-based manufacturer of solar racking solutions S:Flex has introduced 12-Kit, a mounting package for framed photovoltaic modules.

As its name suggests, 12-Kit is able to package 12 framed photovoltaic modules in portrait in “a secure compact box”. S:Flex claims the design allows hassle-free installation of common module array combinations on pitched roofs.


According to the company, the product reduces time taken for installation of modules on steep rooftops as it comes with pre-assembled parts such as universal height-adjustable module clamps with click technology and rail sizes to accommodate modules 40.3 inches wide.



# Tool-free, UL-certified bonding splice

# Easy integration of mechanical and electrical splicing between rails

# Bonding jumpers or grounding lugs not required

# Suitable for roof types including composite shingles, roof tiles and corrugated metal sheets

# Compatible with different substructures including wooden trusses and steel beams

# Adapted for location-specific wind, snow, and seismic load requirements

# Meets or exceeds IBC 2012 standards and is compliant with current codes and standards


Ajith Kumar S

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