Sky Solar to construct PV power projects in Japan

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Sky Solar to construct PV power projects in Japan

Greentech Lead Asia: Sky Solar, a global PV
developer, announced that it will develop several large solar power plants in
Japan through its Japanese subsidiary, Sky Solar Japan.

The company initially plans to develop two solar power
plants in Mihomura-Ibarakiken and Uto-Kumamoto on Japan’s third largest
island of Kyushu.

 “Sky Solar has a long-term plan for the
development, investment and operation of PV power stations. By leveraging our
extensive experience in the global and local PV rooftop market and large
ground-mounted PV power projects, we are capable of providing high-quality
power station services to the entire renewable energy industry,”
said Weili Su, founder and chairman of Sky Solar.

Sky Solar will build a 2MW PV power plant in
Uto-Kumamoto. This plant will be based on an area of 25,000 m2, and is expected
to use over 8,000 modules with an annual capacity of 1,950,000 kWh.

This project is scheduled to begin construction in
October with successful completion and connection by the end of December this
year. All electricity generated by this plant will be sold to Kyushu Electric
Power Company. The project’s EPC partner will be determined by the end of July.

The 2MW Mihomura-Ibarakiken project will be developed on
leased private land with the EPC contract to be finalized by June. Construction
will begin in August and grid connection will be accomplished by the end of

Sky Solar also has plans to construct PV power
stations in up to 20 areas ofJapan. Each station will have an installed
capacity of around 2MW and Sky Solar Group will invest 600 million
Japanese Yen in each of these projects.

Sky Solar partners with Sigdo Koppers, to construct PV projects
in Chile

Recently, Sky Solar, Sigdo Koppers and China Development
Bank signed a cooperation framework agreement. This agreement aims to construct
300MW of solar photovoltaic power plant projects in Chile with a
total investment of US$900 million.

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