Skyline rebranded as Nextility offer wide solar services

The Skyline Innovations announced that the company has changed its name to Nextility.

This change echoes company’s recent expansion towards solar hot water and electricity business.

The company has also made an announcement of $7 million worth financing in order to expand services, improve technology and launch into new markets.

Recently, it launched Nextility Power and Gas, which guides small businesses with an innovative new technology on how to buy and manage their energy.

They offer brokerage and procurement services to small businesses in the third of the country where power and natural gas has been liberalized.

Nextility Logo
In addition, with another product service planned for future, this is right time for the company to introduce a new brand platform that exhibits their goal of providing a comprehensive, simpler experience to lowering energy costs for businesses.

Nextility is evolved on the basis that small businesses want lights, cold air and hot water with lowest amount of money and time. The company is rebranded with the second offering to reflect improved ability to help customers manage their energy spend while they run their businesses, said, Zach Axelrod, CEO, Nextility.

With the help of a technology-based solution, Nextility Power and Gas will address the issues faced by business owners to automatically monitor and compare the customer’s current rate with what is available in the competitive marketplace.

The technology that Nextility will use is the same technology that helped Skyline Innovations become a leading provider of solar energy.

Over the next year, Nextility will expand its solar hot water and electricity service into new markets, including Delaware and New York, while maintaining its core focus on affordable and multifamily housing.
Since 2009, the company has completed nearly 200 commercial-scale solar energy projects.

Recently, Inc. Magazine named the company as the 688th fastest growing company in America and one of the 10 fastest growing companies in Washington D.C.

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