SmartTrak unveils first solar micro-inverter

By Editor


SmartTrak, solar tracker and solar inverter modernizer company, on Tuesday announced the launch of the first-indigenously built solar micro-inverter for residential and commercial market segment.

The budget-friendly and efficient rooftop solar micro-inverter converts direct current (DC) generated by an individual solar panel to alternating current (AC). For utilizing the E-metering feature, the output from individual micro-inverters is combined and fed to the electrical grids.

SmartTrak CEO and director Bhagawan Reddy Gnanapa told reporters here that Smarttrak solar micro-inverters are easy to install, safe, reliable and do not require any maintenance.

“What makes our micro-inverters a good investment for consumers is that it optimizes the solar energy harvest as compared to conventional string or central inverter. The central or string inverters are more expensive and give less flexibility to the consumers in terms of upgrading the plant capacity,” he said.

Sameer Garg and Tathagata Mitra – two young engineers from BITS Pilani – extensively contributed to the product development.

“The current 300 W rooftop solar microinverter is designed, to take the first step towards making a cost effective solar power harvesting system for home applications but work is in process to optimize the individual microinverter capacity from 300W to 1000W, which will definitely play an important role in high capacity solar power plants as well,” said Garg, an electrical design engineer at Smarttrak.


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