Solar Energy World doubles revenue thanks to booming solar industry

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Solar Energy World doubles revenue thanks to booming solar industry

Solar Energy World, a provider and installer of
commercial and residential solar power systems and solar hot water systems, has
doubled the size of its revenues over last year and adding more than 40 jobs to
the local economy.

Solar Energy World has installed more than 300
solar electric and solar hot water systems in 2011, more than double what was
installed in 2010 and seeking to double that figure again in 2012.

While official statistics for the solar energy industry
are not yet compiled for 2011, initial reports from Q1 and Q2 2011 are more
than positive.

Recent economic uncertainty did not affect the growth of
solar energy Industries in America. The Solar Energy Industries Association
(SEIA) reports that the solar industry is the fastest-growing industry in
America and in 2Q 11, the U.S. solar photovoltaic (PV) market installed 314 MW,
a 69 percent more than the same period last year and 17 percent more than 1Q

Consumers have benefited from advancements in solar
energy technology, specifically with photovoltaic cells. Improvement to
photovoltaic cells, the primary tool for converting solar into usable energy,
have increased in efficiency and lowered the cost, making solar energy systems
more attractive and affordable to the average homeowner.

“More and more consumers are recognizing that solar
panel systems can put money directly into their pockets. We are excited to show
the residents and businesses of Maryland and the mid-Atlantic the many
benefits, and affordability, of solar energy,” said 
Tope Lala, CEO, Solar Energy World.

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