Solar Frontier announces upgraded S Series solar module product line

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Solar Frontier announces upgraded S Series solar module product line

Greentech Lead Asia: Solar Frontier, a manufacturer of
CIS thin film solar modules, has released an upgraded S series product lineup
spanning from 140 to 160W modules. The S series modules are manufactured at
Solar Frontier’s Kunitomi factory in Japan.

The S series introduces positive sorting of -0/+5Wp, reflecting increased
progress and confidence in the CIS production process at the Kunitomi plant.
The new 160W products have an aperture area efficiency of 14.1 percent and a
module efficiency of 13.0 percent. As part of the portfolio upgrade,
is phasing out its 130W modules. 


“Our Kunitomi factory continues to improve its performance as evidenced by
our new, highly-efficient, 160W modules. We have a level of manufacturing
excellence that stands as a great challenge to our competitors and assures our
customers of high performance in our products. This will increase year by
year,” said Hiroshi Yoshida, vice president of Manufacturing at Solar

Modules are produced by the
Kunitomi factory in a highly proprietary process that takes place entirely
under one roof, from raw materials to installation-ready modules. This is an
advantage that, combined with scale and automation, yields both high quality
and cost effectiveness.

Solar Frontier Atsugi Research Center (ARC) is
responsible for the conversion efficiency roadmap of Solar Frontier’s products
and supports the production efficiency of Solar Frontier’s factories in Japan.

“The field results from more and more of our
customers confirm our laboratory results, and this level of quality and
performance will be the hallmark of our new lineup as well. The key to our
advancements and the new lineup is actually hundreds of variables that we track
and adjust. It is a very data-intensive process with ample potential for
further improvements down the road,” said Satoru Kuriyagawa, CTO of Solar

Solar Frontier and Belectric form joint venture for solar
power plants

Recently, Belectric and Solar Frontier teamed up to
develop, build and sell ground- and roof-mounted photovoltaic power plants. The
new joint venture company will be known as PV CIStems. PV CIStems is the result
of a framework agreement to establish a deeper working relationship between
Belectric and Solar Frontier.

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