Solar Gard launches new adhesive-free durable photovoltaic backsheet

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Solar Gard launches new adhesive-free durable photovoltaic backsheet

Greentech Lead America: Solar Gard, a developer and manufacturer
of flexible films and backsheet materials, has unveiled PV FC10f, a new
photovoltaic backsheet,  a cost-effective PV solution that provides
increased protection and durability for top quality module manufacturers.

Solar Gard PV FC10f is an adhesive-free backsheet that
delivers benchmark performance for the electrical isolation and barrier
properties demanded by module manufacturers. The bright white backsheet offers
improved reflection for higher module efficiencies.

PV FC10f’s scratch and mar resistant layer provides
excellent long-term durability and is ideally matched for superb adhesion to
the junction box. PV FC10f also has a functional coating for enhanced adhesion
to ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).

“As the photovoltaic market continues to mature
worldwide, the need for top quality, long term, durable yet cost-effective
solutions such as PV FC10f is increasing. We pride ourselves on consistently
providing our customers with the innovative, high-performance solutions they
need to succeed in the market and look forward to continuing to deliver
products that meet those demands,” said Christophe Fremont, president of Solar

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