Solar panel installation completed in Krishna catchment areas

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The pilot project on solar panel installation over the main canals of Krishna catchment areas is going through the final stage.

It was launched taking inspiration from the similar Narmada River canal project in Gujarat.

The project is being implemented on the Almatti right­bank canals, closer to Hosur village.

The government is spending Rs. 10.50 crore on the pilot project and will spread it to other parts of the State based on the success of this project.

Around 3,300 panels are being installed over the canal for generating one megawatt solar energy. The construction of control room and installation of machinery is also in the final stage.


The installation of panels would achieve twin objectives; besides generating electricity, it would prevent the vaporisation of canal water as the canal is covered with panels, stated the officials.

The project, initiated by government is expecting to promote private companies and individuals to install such panels on their own expense for generating power using the canals.

Since the State has wider network of canals, thus, there is no need for acquiring land for implementing the project. This would help in generating additional electricity to the State, the sources said.

Earlier, the plan was to install floating solar panels in the Almatti backwater and the contact was given for Rs. one crore. However, after finding that the project is not feasible, the idea was scrapped.

Sabeena Wahid
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