Solar Universe, Sunrun to bring affordable solar solutions to six states

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Solar Universe, Sunrun to bring affordable solar solutions to six states

Greentech Lead America: Solar Universe Network, a
top five consumer solar company in California, has formed a strategic
partnership with Sunrun to deliver affordable solar solutions to several local

The partnership allows consumers in six states namely
California, Arizona, Hawaii, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Oregon to opt for
Sunrun’s solar service through Solar Universe’s vast network to avoid the high
upfront cost of installing solar.

“This really changes the landscape and creates a new
leader in the solar energy category,” said Joe Bono, CEO of Solar
Universe. “Nobody can compete with our local reach, and now, we can offer
our customers a superior alternative to grid power that is less expensive.”

The partnership will reduce the solar installation costs
in households. On an average the cost of solar home installation is estimated
at around $30,000. The partnership between Solar Universe and Sunrun removes
the barrier by allowing more local communities access to low-cost payment
options, such as little or nothing upfront.

Sunrun removes upfront costs because the Company owns and
maintains the system on a customer’s roof. Homeowners pay for the solar power
produced by the system at rates that are less than their local utility rates.

“Solar is becoming more widespread because more
families now realize it’s a smart financial choice to use a solar service like
Sunrun,” said Sunrun president and co-founder Lynn Jurich. “The
highest adoption rates in California are in median-income zip codes, and this
partnership with Solar Universe will allow us to continue that growth.”

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