SolarCity introduces GridLogic, a clean power microgrid service

solarcity image from solarcity

SolarCity has launched a microgrid service named GridLogic that combines distributed energy resources such as solar, batteries and controllable load, providing ultimately a cleaner power during emergency situations like blackouts.

The microgrid service ensures protection against power outages and high energy costs.

In addition, the GridLogic can operate either in conjunction with or independently of the utility grid.

The microgrid can be installed anywhere including remote or island communities, hospitals and military bases—can have dependable, clean power when the grid is down.

The system also provides electricity to communities for less than they pay for utility power with the added benefit of backup power for emergency services.

GridLogic is available with affordable financing options, including payment programs with little to no upfront cost.

SolarCity’s in-house grid engineering team will design and install each GridLogic project with a system of software-based monitoring and controls that manage the mix of distributed energy resources and utility power to maximize savings.

Communities around the world are seeking ways to continue to power critical resources and guarantee public safety and security.

Recently, SolarCity gained a contract to establish an one MW solar array for DIRECTV’s California Broadcast Center located in Long Beach.

The solar array is expected to produce over 1.6 million kWh annually, which can power more than 150 American homes each year for the next ten years.

In another initiative, Google joined with SolarCity investing a fund of $300 million with an aim to facilitate various residential solar installations across the US.

The companies have jointly established a $75million fund to cover the front cost of around 25,000 residential solar schemes in 14 states across the country.

SolarCity will use these funds to install solar panels in houses in 15 states and the owners will make a payment on a monthly basis to lease the panels from the company.

Sabeena Wahid
[email protected]