SolarWindow aims to create $100 bn market for solar windows

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SolarWindow Technologies announced that it has partnered with Raynergy Tek for the supply of organic photovoltaic materials to be used by SolarWindow to coat ordinary glass and turn it into electricity-generating windows.

Today’s news follows a SolarWindow announcement regarding its Process Integration and Production Agreement with Triview Glass Industries, a glass fabricator located in suburban Los Angeles.

Using its established manufacturing processes and production line, Triview will work to fabricate specific SolarWindowelectricity-generating glass products at commercial scale by integrating SolarWindow coatings, methodologies and technologies.

Targeting commercial buildings, which consume almost 40 percent of all the electricity in the United States, the company’s transparent electricity-generating windows could reduce energy costs by up to 50% and achieve a one-year financial payback for building owners, the industry’s fastest financial return, according to independently-validated power and financial modeling, the company said.

“Our clear priority is to bring SolarWindow electricity-generating products to a $100 billion global market,” stated John Conklin, president and CEO of SolarWindow Technologies. “This collaboration with Raynergy moves SolarWindow closer towards our goal of commercial sales and production, while ensuring a reliable supply of high-performance organic materials and preferred pricing necessary for the production of our electricity-generating glass.”

“We see a viable and wide-open market for electricity-generating glass, and a strong pathway to commercialization for SolarWindow,” stated Phoebe Tan, chief executive officer of Raynergy Tek. “Raynergy prides itself on contributing to its partners’ success, and we’re pleased to support SolarWindow in the advancement of its innovative products.”

Rajani Baburajan

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