SolarWorld achieves 20.7 pc efficiency with PERC-based cells

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SolarWorld has achieved 21.7 percent efficiency, a new best for its passivated emitter rear cell (PERC) technology based cells. The Germany-based photovoltaic manufacturer claims the cell’s efficiency has been “independently verified by the photovoltaic calibration laboratory (CalLab) of Fraunhofer ISE”.

According to a statement issued by SolarWorld, it has already upgraded 800MW of its production lines to PERC technology in a ramp up that began in March.

Recently, Chinese solar photovoltaic cell manufacturer Trina Solar had announced that it attained world record efficiency of 20.76 percent for its Honey Plus p-type PERC cell. The company stated its claim had been independently verified by CalLab.

PERC solar cells have a passivation layer in the background which reflects light that would otherwise be lost. This layer is usually formed by means of plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition or Atomic Layer Deposition process. It improves the capacity of the solar cell to absorb light and convert into electricity. Typically the technology brings about conversion efficiencies in excess of 20 percent.

SolarWorld has stated that its latest crystalline p-type silicon wafer PERC cells can be rolled out into mass production later this year. And the technology will be available in modules including 300W configurations, the statement reads.

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