SolMarket investors fund over 4 MW solar projects in two months

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SolMarket investors fund over 4 MW solar projects in two months

Greentech Lead America: Sol Systems said SolMarket
investors and others have funded over 4 MW of solar projects seeking investment
through the SolMarket community in the last 60 days.

Sol Systems said the projects range in size from 100 kW to
1.5 MW. Additionally, another 9 projects ranging from 200 kW to 5 MW with a
combined capacity of 10 MW are either under exclusive negotiation or at term
sheet with SolMarket investors.

“Since we launched, we have seen over 250 projects
utilize SolMarket to secure financing. And as the reputation of this community
grows, so does the scale and quality of the projects we assist. Leveraging this
deal flow with our data driven approach and our diligence and advisory services
means that SolMarket investors see more projects they like, and they see them
more quickly, ultimately saving both time and money,” said Yuri Horwitz,
Sol Systems’ CEO.

SolMarket said there are currently 18 investors with
aggregate committed funds of $1.9 billion in the network. These investors
include energy suppliers, family funds, private equity, solar funds and larger
solar companies with financing arms. Investors have experience with financing
commercial solar projects in the U.S. and are actively looking to expand their
portfolios over the next 12 months.

SolMarket is a subsidiary of Sol Systems. Sol Systems has
facilitated over $100 million in solar development through long term SREC

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