Su-Kam provides technical support to 1.0MWp solar power plant of MES

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Su-Kam has provided technical support to 1.0MWp solar power plant being commissioned by Frigo for Military Engineering Services (MES) at Air Force station at Bhisiana, Bhathinda.

MES has an overall plan of putting up 150MWp projects at various stations of Army, Navy and Air Force.

“The installation of solar power plant has the potential to reduce carbon footprints. It will also yield good return of investment within a short span of time by saving daily power consumption,” said  Kunwer Sachdev, founder and managing director, Su-Kam Power Systems.

Smart Roof Solar Solution, a business associate of Su-Kam, is installing the plant at Bhisiana. The solar power plant is ground mounted with a total capacity of 1000KWp. It has used 3,125 solar panels producing DC power using solar energy.

The panels have been mounted in fixed mode facing south and fitted at 30 degree angle from horizontal base. It has two Power Control Units of 500 KW each for converting DC power into AC power. This power is stepped up to 11KW and has been connected to the grid.

The plant is expected to generate around 15 lakh units of power per year recovering the cost of the plant in six years. It will minimize the power consumption from the grid to almost nil since the plant is capable of generating and utilizing solar power.

Su-Kam earlier installed 1.3 MW of solar off-grid power system at various north-eastern locations for Assam Rifles, Indian Army.

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