Sun Investment develops solar project worth 600 MW in Poland

By Editor


Sun Investment Group (SIG) said it is developing a new solar energy portfolio worth 600 MW across 1,200 hectares in Poland.

The installations, to be auctioned off within six to 24 months after completion, are estimated to reduce Poland’s annual carbon footprint by approximately 306,000 tonnes of CO2 per-year.

SIG is one of the leading photovoltaic (PV) providers in Poland. It signed agreements with partners E energijas, and Spanish EPC company, I+D Energias, to acquire one of the largest solar energy portfolios in Poland worth 42.36MW.

The first solar plant in SIG’s Polish portfolio to be connected to the grid was in July 2018. SIG then commissioned and switched on a further installations later in the year. In 2019, it connected the remaining installations.

SIG has recently sold the 42.36 MW Polish solar energy portfolio it shared with E Energija to Aberdeen Standard Investments.

SIG during Q3 2019 took the initial steps towards expansion by increasing its team of full-time professionals to over 50 across three different locations in Poland.

Andrius Terskovas, SIG’s Business Development Officer, said company’s strategic decision to further expand across Poland could see SIG as the solar energy provider to reduce Poland’s carbon footprint.

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