SunDensity Unveils Cutting-Edge R&D Facility, Accelerating Solar Innovation in the U.S.

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SunDensity, the recipient of the $1 million prize in the prestigious Luminate NY optics, photonics, and imaging (OPI) competition in 2020, has reached a pivotal milestone with the inauguration of its research and development facility.

Emerging from the halls of MIT, SunDensity is the visionary creator behind the Photonic Smart Coating (PSCO) technology. This groundbreaking innovation not only boosts solar power output but also has the potential to reduce energy consumption and enhance the performance of consumer electronics displays and architectural glass in buildings.

Nish Sonwalkar, the Founder, President, and CTO of SunDensity, commented, “This is a significant stride for us. Establishing our technology here signifies our dedication to providing competitive solar solutions in the U.S. market, bridging the gap with the Chinese products that currently dominate the industry.”

SunDensity’s Photonic Smart Coatings have the potential to revolutionize the utility, commercial, and residential solar panel landscape. By significantly improving solar power output, these coatings can offer more accessible and affordable green energy solutions with a reduced overall cost.

Furthermore, SunDensity’s nano-optical coating has the capacity to lower expenses and enhance the performance of Low Emissivity (‘Low E’) window glass, effectively managing undesirable factors like ‘heat gain’ in homes and buildings, thereby reducing energy consumption.

In the United States, the number of solar power plants is increasing at an impressive rate of 30 percent per year. However, a significant portion of the available solar spectrum is underutilized by conventional solar cells.

SunDensity’s Photonic Smart Coating technology aims to increase the efficiency of opto-electronic devices such as solar cells by altering the photon spectrum, converting available energy into more usable light. This adaptable approach optimizes the sensitivity of various types of devices.

Henry Schek, CEO of SunDensity, emphasized, “We have assembled a highly specialized and talented team of scientists, chemists, engineers, and physicists. We are actively recruiting top talent from across the nation to aid us in our mission to become a global leader in solar power solutions.”

SunDensity is actively working towards scaling its coating technology to meet the demands of solar glass and module manufacturers. Over the past year, the company has expanded to a team of 15 employees and is actively collaborating with multiple global partners specializing in glass and solar panels.

Sujatha Ramanujan, Managing Director of Luminate NY, expressed, “By establishing their facility in the very heart of Rochester’s Innovation Zone, where they initially incubated, SunDensity is not only contributing to the revitalization of our city but is also expanding economic development opportunities within our thriving OPI and entrepreneurial ecosystems.”

SunDensity’s overarching objective is to collaborate with manufacturing facilities both nationally and globally to combat climate change. The company has successfully raised nearly $20 million from investors to date and has judiciously utilized this investment to assemble an expert team and establish a cutting-edge 5,000-plus-square-foot R&D headquarters in the renovated Sibley building on East Main Street in Rochester, NY.

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