SunEdison to establish 5000MW solar projects in Rajasthan

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Solar power company SunEdison has signed a memorandum of understanding with Rajasthan government to set up several solar power projects of 500 megawatt capacity each, totaling 5,000MW, in Rajasthan, reports Times of India.

SunEdison plans to create solar facilities to generate and supply solar energy to various organizations inside and outside Rajasthan, including Solar Energy Corporation of India, NTPC VidyutVyaparan Nigam Limited and Power Trading Corporation.

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SunEdison or its affiliates will own these projects. The Rajasthan government will identify government land suitable for the development of solar photovoltaic projects.


Once suitable land is identified, government will allot it on a long-term lease in accordance with the applicable policies of the state government.

Moreover, the state government will provide the necessary electricity interconnection infrastructure to the company.

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In addition, SunEdison will assist in the developing of strategies and policies to enable the large scale replacement of water pumps with solar-powered water pumps through their financing and business models.

SunEdison currently has about 50MW of solar generation capacity and more than 1000 solar water pump installations in Rajasthan.

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