Sungevity launches wireless smart meter connectivity device

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Solar service company Sungevity has added a wireless smart meter connectivity device, the Sungevity Energy Hub, to its product portfolio.

Connecting wirelessly with smart meters, the device is able to give homeowners real-time data on energy consumption every five to seven seconds.

The information can help users detect when they use most energy and correlate their usage, solar production and overall costs.

Besides real-time data, Sungevity Energy Hub provides personalized home energy performance updates that can help users interpret and evaluate their energy behavior.

The system also offers recommendations and benchmarking that can help homeowners control their energy usage.

The company has stated that it has already incorporated the system in Sungevity Energy System and all new buyers would be getting the device pre-installed at no extra cost. Users interested in adding Sungevity Energy Hub to their energy systems will have to wait till next year for the product to hit the market.

In May German utility E.ON and Sungevity had come together to promote online residential solar projects in Germany.

The companies announced they were to target customers in Munich and Berlin initially. E.ON was part of a group that invested $70 million in Sungevity last year.

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