Sungevity unveils new solar quoting tool for residential solar market

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Sungevity announced a new technology capable of generating residential solar installation quotes instantly based on a street address.

The Instant Solar Quote (Instant iQuote) tool is being piloted at select Lowe’s stores in California. Sungevity has been Lowe’s solar partner for U.S solar market since 2011.

The iQuote technology, conceived by Instant iQuote and Sungevity will save consumed time, by speeding up the process and the number of home visits to design residential installations.

In place of the previous 24- hour wait, the proposal gets sanctioned in no time. This technology helps in quick assertion of solar potential of entire cities also.

The new quoting platform utilizes combined LIDAR technology, aerial imagery and real estate parcel data to create a 3D model of the property at a given address.

In this technology, experimenting with design variations is possible based on factors like roof pitch and shading.

Consumers get an instant idea of optimal solar configurations, installation cost, and estimated savings. Results can be modified on the spot as per customer’s demands.

Andrew Birch, CEO, Sungevity, said, “Customers always have doubts and questions in mind regarding the price, productivity, electrical usage and all. Instant iQuote can expedite solar adoption as well as provide a competitive advantage for us and our partners.”

The Instant iQuote technology covers more than 1.5 million homes in California.

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