Sungrow exhibits innovative renewable energy products at 2024 Intersolar Europe

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Sungrow, a leading PV inverter and energy storage system provider, has exhibited 50 renewable energy products and solutions at the Intersolar Europe 2024.

Sungrow at Intersolar Europe 2024

Sungrow’s SG350HX-20 string inverter, targeting utility-scale power plants, can manage outputs from 3.2 to 8.96MW. Its I-V curve diagnosis and cleaning functionalities ensure yield by over 2 percent. The inverter includes a built-in DC switch for automatic fault isolation.

Sungrow’s innovative PowerStack 200CS liquid-cooled storage solution revolutionizes industrial and commercial energy. Sungrow’s PowerStack 200CS liquid-cooled storage solution slashes dispatch time by 90 percent.

Sungrow’s SG150CX string inverter, which offers 48A input current, is suitable for accommodating larger PV modules. This product incorporates AFCI 3.0 technology, featuring an extended cable detection range of 450 meters.

Sungrow has also showcased S600S, S800S, and S1600S microinverters, featuring innovative cooling system that boosts performance by 6 percent for optimal output. Wide-area wireless technology extends communication distance by 50 percent.

Sungrow also unveiled its advanced smart home energy management equipment iHomeManager during the expo. It supports EV charger, heat pump, battery, and inverter, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. The system’s AI mode reduces costs, optimizes power usage, and saves money.

At the exhibition, Sungrow showcased its star utility-scale products, including the 1+X modular inverter, the PowerTitan2.0 liquid-cooled energy storage system, the SHT series designed for small industrial and commercial applications, the CX-P2 series of industrial and commercial inverters, as well as a range of residential inverters and batteries.

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