Sungrow offers turnkey station for 1.5MW floating PV plant in Japan


Sungrow, a provider of inverter solution supplier for renewables, announced recently that it has successfully installed its 2MW SG2000MV turnkey station and waterproof combiner box for a floating PV plant on the Mitakabe Pond in Sanuki-shi Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Japan, known for its scarcity of open land, has seen the growing use of water ponds for solar plants. The 1.5MW floating PV plant, which provides power for Shikoku Electric Power, costs around 500 million JPY, 85% of which were financed by Kagawa Bank. It is expected to generate 1.87 million kWh of power annually.

The SG2000MV turnkey station deployed at the project features its 20-foot containerized design which integrates four SG500 central inverters, a transformer, and RMU, significantly saving the cost for commissioning and installation, as well as adding protection to extreme climactic conditions, according to Sungrow.

“Sungrow is delighted to be chosen as the inverter supplier for the Mitakabe Pond floating PV project. Our containerized turnkey solution has been proven as a most ideal choice in many similar plants and we are expecting to help even more in the future,” said Renxian Cao, president of Sungrow.

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