Sungrow products @ CLEANPOWER 2023

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Sungrow, a supplier of PV inverters and energy storage systems (ESS), has showcased its latest offerings for installations in North America at CLEANPOWER 2023.

CLEANPOWER is a prominent clean energy expo in North America that brings together experts and industry leaders to shape the future of this dynamic sector and explore upcoming opportunities. The discussions at the event have been heavily influenced by the trending topic of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Sungrow introduced several products optimized for solar and storage plants. These include the SG3150/4000UD-MV-US modular inverters, the SG350HX string inverter, and the liquid cooled ESS PowerTitan.

The SG3150/4000UD-MV-US modular inverters combine the advantages of both string and central inverters. With their modular design at different levels, these inverters streamline the installation and operation processes, offering improved flexibility and maintenance efficiency. They are designed to work seamlessly with large-format, high-efficiency modules and tracking systems, resulting in optimized Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for the entire plant.

The liquid cooled ESS PowerTitan solution is tailored for installations, leveraging Sungrow’s expertise in power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid support technologies. The system features a DC-DC controller that enables individual charging and discharging of battery racks, enhancing overall system performance. Advanced liquid-cooled thermal management ensures the safety and longevity of the system.

Sungrow has already secured nine gigawatt hours of orders globally for the PowerTitan. Recently, it received recognition for its design by winning the world’s first iF Design Award in the utility-scale ESS category. Additionally, the PowerTitan has received the TM-2 Approval and Certificate of Approval (COA) for fire safety in New York City, making Sungrow one of the few companies to obtain this critical certification.

Sungrow offers the new generation of commercial PV inverters, namely the SG36CX-US/SG60CX-US, along with the liquid cooled ESS PowerStack.

The 36kW/60kW inverters allow for a high DC/AC ratio of 1.5, leading to improved project yields. They are equipped with online IV curve scan and diagnosis functions, enabling real-time issue detection and reducing operating expenses.

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