Sungrow Showcases PowerTitan2.0 at Major Event in Madrid

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Sungrow, a supplier of PV inverters and energy storage systems, organized the “Power Up Your Future – Sungrow PowerTitan2.0 Experience Day” in Madrid, Spain, underscoring the rapidly evolving European energy storage market. The event attracted over 200 industry professionals and partners from more than 15 European countries, showcasing the company’s latest innovation in renewable energy technology.

Lewis Li, President of Sungrow Europe, emphasized the significance of energy storage systems in advancing Europe’s renewable energy sector. He highlighted their pivotal role in enhancing the consumption of renewable energy, reducing transmission congestion, and improving overall system stability and flexibility. Li also acknowledged Sungrow’s leadership in the global energy storage market, with consecutive years of top rankings in shipments and market share.

Europe’s leadership in the global energy storage market was further underscored by Sam Wilkinson, Director of Clean Energy Technology from S&P Global Commodity Insights. He pointed out that the demand for energy storage in Europe is rapidly increasing, with predictions of over 140 GW being installed between 2024 and 2030. This growth necessitates the deployment of storage technology at increasing speed and scale.

Sungrow unveiled the PowerTitan2.0, building upon the success of its predecessor and catering to the evolving needs of the European market.

James Li, ESS Director of Sungrow Europe, highlighted the innovative features of the PowerTitan2.0, including advanced AC storage design, a standard 20ft 5MWh configuration, full liquid cooling, and modular 10MWh system. He emphasized Sungrow’s commitment to overcoming scalability and efficiency challenges in traditional energy storage solutions.

The PowerTitan ESS series has already secured over 19GWh of global contracts and achieved remarkable shipments of over 10GWh worldwide. The introduction of PowerTitan2.0 represents Sungrow’s dedication to innovation and diversification in energy storage technology, ensuring adaptability to various scenarios and enhancing the company’s position in the rapidly expanding European market.

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