SunLink announces new solar racking system

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SunLink announces new solar racking system

Greentech Lead America: SunLink has launched Precision
RMS, the latest addition to the company’s solar roof mount product line.

Precision RMS enables installation on rooftops with
limited deck capacity and advanced features that allow for faster installation.
Precision RMS is ideal for a range of commercial roofs.

“Precision RMS is designed to make it possible for more
building owners to install solar, even in locations where it wasn’t previously
possible,” said Christopher Tilley, SunLink CEO.

Precision RMS is equipped with feet that can be adjusted
to align loads with structural elements of the roof. Precision RMS has a roof
following capacity of 7°/12 percent, enabling building owners to install solar
arrays on roofs with uneven surfaces. With a linked rail structure and stiff
aluminum frame, Precision RMS can withstand conditions in the highest wind,
seismic and corrosion zones.

Precision RMS fast-tracks installation and improves total
system quality. Modules can be simultaneously prepanelized (potentially
off-roof or off-site) into assemblies of 2, 3 or 4 to speed up module
installation by 50 percent. Precision RMS’ integrated wire management trays and
clips save an average of 40 percent in on-roof time compared with other wire
management strategies.

Precision RMS’ System feet are made from recycled rubber
tires, which won’t damage the roof surface and may even eliminate the need for
slip sheets. The system also features Tilt Access to facilitate roof
maintenance and an open design for unimpeded roof drainage and airflow.  

Precision RMS will be unveiled on July 10 at Intersolar
North America in San Francisco, CA.

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