Sunmaxx PVT Initiates Construction of World’s Largest PVT Module Production Facility in Saxony

Sunmaxx PVT

Sunmaxx PVT, a renowned pioneer in the field of photovoltaic-thermal solar modules (PVT), has commenced the construction of their cutting-edge automated module production facility in Saxony, Germany.

Anticipated to be the largest PVT production hub globally, this plant boasts an impressive capacity of 50 megawatts or a staggering 120,000 panels annually. Situated in Ottendorf-Okrilla, near Dresden, the plant will span across an existing 4000 square meter production site. Financial details were not disclosed.

With a focus on advancing sustainable energy solutions, Sunmaxx PVT’s modules play a pivotal role in decarbonizing heat and electricity supplies for buildings, neighborhoods, and industrial sites. The innovative PVT technology merges thermal management expertise from the automotive sector with established solar technology.

This distinctive blend has enabled Sunmaxx to engineer PVT modules with exceptional economic efficiency and performance, boasting a remarkable total efficiency of 80 percent — independently verified by Fraunhofer. The breakthrough technology embodies the epitome of highly efficient solar modules and signifies a paradigm shift in the solar energy landscape.

Sunmaxx has established itself as a leader in the industry by staying several years ahead of its Asian counterparts with its cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Wilhelm Stein, CEO of Sunmaxx, emphasized the significance of innovation and rapid scaling of next-generation technologies for Europe to maintain a competitive edge. “It makes little sense to compete with Asian companies on existing technologies, since the development and scale advantage is far too great. Europe’s chance lies in the innovation and rapid scaling of next-generation technologies. The focus should therefore be on the development and support of technologies that can demonstrate an innovative edge and ensure regional value creation,” Dr. Wilhelm Stein said.

“The remodeling of the production site and the preparation of the hall for the production machinery is currently taking place. But the demand for our modules — including for the construction of ground-mounted systems — is growing rapidly, and we want to scale up our production as quickly as possible. We plan to open the first line this year, but the location allows us to implement further expansion opportunities up to several hundred MW per year in the near future,” Dr. Jiri Springer, CTO at Sunmaxx, said.

This ambitious venture by Sunmaxx PVT signifies a significant stride towards a sustainable future, offering a glimpse into the potential of renewable energy technologies in reshaping the global energy landscape. Stay tuned for further updates as this groundbreaking project unfolds.