SunPower Reveals Largest Solar Installation for Affordable Housing

By Editor


SunPower, a leading provider of residential solar technology and energy services, is set to mark a historic milestone in sustainable housing by installing over 1 megawatt of solar power at Poppy Grove, Elk Grove, CA.

This initiative positions Poppy Grove as one of the largest affordable housing communities in the nation to transition entirely to renewable energy sources. The installation, comprising 2,649 solar panels, is meticulously designed to offset up to 80 percent of residents’ energy consumption, potentially saving them up to $1,000 annually on utility bills.

Matt Brost, Vice President of New Homes Sales at SunPower, highlighted the significance of this endeavor in alleviating the financial burden of energy costs, particularly for low-income families facing escalating electricity expenses. “Solar energy presents an affordable solution, a much-needed amenity for communities focused on affordability,” stated Brost. He emphasized SunPower’s unwavering commitment to democratizing rooftop solar access across income levels and housing tenures.

UrbanCore Development and E. Smith & Company, the real estate development partners spearheading the 387-apartment community, collaborated with SunPower to conceptualize this solar array. The initiative aims not only to benefit Poppy Grove’s residents by passing on tangible energy savings but also to channel these savings towards maintaining on-site amenities, thereby contributing to a reduction in rental costs.

Reese A Jarrett, President of E. Smith & Company, expressed immense pride in constructing one of the nation’s largest solar programs within the Poppy Grove affordable housing community. “The direct financial benefits derived from this renewable energy initiative will significantly enhance the quality of life for our families,” stated Jarrett, underscoring the positive impact this project is set to deliver.

The solar deployment at Poppy Grove aligns with the city’s imperative for low-income housing and reflects SunPower’s commitment to democratizing solar accessibility. Leveraging incentives within the Inflation Reduction Act, SunPower facilitated the integration of renewable energy at Poppy Grove, making the energy investment more economically viable. Anticipated savings are expected to offset solar costs, resulting in a payback period of less than 6 years.

This initiative not only represents a significant leap in sustainable housing but also sets a precedent for fostering equitable access to renewable energy. SunPower’s efforts at Poppy Grove exemplify a tangible step towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for affordable housing communities across the nation.

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