SunPower to supply E20/327 solar panel for Nangoku plant in Kyushy Island

SunPower has signed an agreement to supply 29-MWdc E20/327 solar panel for Nangoku mega-solar plant in Hioki at Kyushy Island.

The deal was announced at PV Japan 2014 conference.

Nangoku is an independent power producer who owns 12 MW solar plants with 150-200 MW more planned for the region.

Masanori Fukui, executive officer, Nangoku, said, “Our mega solar power plant will be built on a hilly region of Hioki with limited space, so we need to install the most efficient solar panels available. We chose the high-efficiency E20/327 Solar Panel by SunPower Corporation, because we can install more megawatts in this space constrained area, minimizing manpower costs and maximizing profits with higher energy output.”

Due to great efficiency and reliability, SunPower panels are ideal for space constrained ground mounted projects. Nangoku has chosen the E20/327 solar panels for its solar power plant because of this unique feature, said Howard Wenger, president, SunPower, Kyushu region.

SunPower has integrated the Maxeon all-back contact solar cells into the E20/327 solar panels. These cells built on a solid copper foundation are resistant to cracking, corrosion and stresses due to temperature variation.

The E20/327 panels have an average efficiency of 20.1 percent and deliver more power and maximize system output even if fewer panels are installed. The panels hold 25-year combined product and power warranty offering minimum power degradation with more warranted energy, giving 87 percent power level at the end of 25 years, the company said.

Solar products by SunPower firm are sold in Japan under the Maxeon Solar name.

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