Sunpreme deploys four solar panels at Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard

Sunpreme has deployed 6.35 MW of Solar Panels for Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard at MA, which were developed and built by American Capital Energy (ACE) at capped landfills.

The energy is produced and supplied into the local grid with the net metering benefit being attributed to Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC) and its member communities.

Their GX300, UL and IEC certified panels are ground-mounted, yielding maximum energy, able to face challenging environmental conditions.

Sunpreme solar panels are selected for their innovative technology, robust reliability and total technical solution. It has proved to be a capable partner with efficient solar products, technical collaboration and professional customer support, said, Eric McLean, executive vice president, Operations, American Capital Energy.


Consequence of these distributed power generation projects are satisfying, demonstrating Sunpreme’s capability to deliver rugged, double glass, frameless panels incorporating Photo-Voltaic Cells derived from Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT) platform, said, Ashok K. Sinha, chairman, CEO, Sunpreme.

Through this project, some customer benefits are derived that focuses on best designed panels for ruggedness and aesthetics, cost effective, high performance cells for Solar and the best cost performance achieved through a combination of high STC output, outstanding AC output and a lower BOS. This approach helped in lowering of the LCOE, maximizing the customers’ IRR, added Sinha.

ACE, an award winning solar developer has been designated to help with renewable solar electricity to prestigious Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. The penetration into Utility Power Plant supports the market diversification strategy, deploying advanced SmartSilicon HCT solar panels at these sites addressing the energy needs with a cost effective long term solar electricity solution, said, Surinder S. Bedi, executive vice president, Market Development, Systems Design and Global Quality, Sunpreme.

These tested and certified solar panels can withstand the most challenging environmental solutions coupled with a best power warranty. This 6.35 megawatt system is expected to demonstrate high energy output with no light induced degradation and lower LCOE over the next 25 years, added Bedi.

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