Suntech unveils anti-dumping tariff free solar modules in European market

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Greentech Lead Asia: Suntech Power is showcasing its European Union anti-dumping (AD) tariff free modules, Residential Energy Storage System (RESS), and double glass module at Intersolar 2013 in Munich, Germany.

Suntech will be able to provide an EU AD tariff-free version of all its standard modules including Wd mono, Wd poly and Ve poly for customers in the European market. The module’s components will be manufactured outside of Mainland China and will not be subject to the trade tariffs announced by the European Union on June 5th.

Suntech’s Residential Energy Storage System will qualify for the recently announced subsidy for self-consumption PV systems with storage in Germany.

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RESS has several modular power options available for a peak capacity from 4.5kWh to 17.8kWh, includes a lithium battery with an incentive policy compliant warranty and is available in either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) main circuit for on-the-grid or off-the-grid applications.

RESS will also feature a touch-screen interface for easy operation and an intelligent control system that can be accessed remotely for real-time monitoring.

These products help Suntech supply its customers in Europe and across the globe with tariff-free products.

In addition to these, Suntech has also launched innovative solutions to meet customer’s needs such as our Residential Energy Storage System which provides an effective 24 hour power solution.

Suntech’s new double glass module, the Wdj series, substantially reduces potential induced degradation (PID) by eliminating the negative voltage between the module’s frame and cells. The Wdj series is also rated for 1500V systems and can significantly reduce balance of system costs (BOS) by decreasing the number of inverters necessary in the solar installation.

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