Swift Current Energy Secures Landmark 20-Year Power Contract for Mineral Basin Solar Project in Pennsylvania

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Swift Current Energy has achieved a monumental feat as its Mineral Basin Solar project receives a 20-year power contract from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), marking a pivotal stride in New York State’s substantial investment in renewable energy.

Positioned as the largest land-based energy project selected under NYSERDA’s competitive solicitation, Mineral Basin Solar represents an ambitious step towards sustainable energy generation.

The 402 MWac Mineral Basin Solar project, situated on reclaimed coal mine sites in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, stands as Pennsylvania’s largest solar facility and ranks among the United States’ most significant solar projects established on former mine land. With construction slated to potentially commence by summer 2024, the project aims for online operation by the latter half of 2026. Swift Current Energy remains committed as the long-term owner and operator of this transformative solar plant.

U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) expressed enthusiasm for the project’s potential impact, recognizing its role in transitioning Pennsylvania’s coalfields toward powering the nation’s energy future. The project signifies an innovative repurposing of former mine sites, symbolizing a shift toward a restorative purpose in the nation’s energy landscape.

Eric Lammers, Co-founder and CEO of Swift Current Energy, emphasized the project’s significance in continuing the community’s energy legacy, acknowledging the historical contributions of Clearfield County and local townships in energy production. Lammers highlighted the project’s role in demonstrating how former mine sites can be innovatively repurposed on a substantial scale within the national energy framework.

The Mineral Basin Solar project is projected to generate over 450 direct full-time construction jobs, injecting millions of dollars into the community through tax revenue and community benefits programs. Furthermore, the project’s environmental impact is substantial, with its greenhouse gas emissions reduction equivalent to removing 110,000 gas-powered cars from the roads annually.

Swift Current’s partnership initiatives extend to workforce development programs in collaboration with local entities like the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center and Clearly Ahead Development. Engaging with communities served by the Southern Tier West Regional Planning and Development Board in Western New York, the project aims to create workforce and community benefits opportunities.

In statements, the Clearfield County Commissioners and Girard Township Supervisors lauded the project’s economic benefits and environmental stewardship, highlighting the potential for job creation and technological advancement in their respective communities.

Beyond Mineral Basin Solar, Swift Current Energy is actively developing over 1,000 MW of solar and storage capacity on reclaimed coal mines across Pennsylvania. Since its establishment in 2016, Swift Current has successfully commercialized more than 2.5 GW of renewable energy projects, solidifying its commitment to advancing clean energy solutions.

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