Tamil Nadu aims solar panels on rooftops of govt office buildings

By Editor


Tamil Nadu Energy Development Authority (TNEDA) will install solar panels on rooftops of government office buildings in a bid to generate 10 MW of power.

The estimated cost of the project is 50 crore. TNEDA will finalize the tender process by the end of May.

Solar panels for one kilowatt cost an amount of Rs 45,000 approximately and will generate 5 units of electricity, according to TEDA officials.

The TNEDA has already installed solar panels IN 330 schools, universities and local bodies across the state and the total installed capacity is 1.5 MW.

TNEDA has already submitted a proposal to the government to bring up a common policy of installing solar panels on the roof of government buildings. TNEDA said some of the departments are looking for government funding to install solar panels on their rooftops.

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