Targray Technology announces availability of Giga Solar Materials’ Aluminum Paste for silicon solar cells

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Targray Technology announces availability of Giga Solar Materials’ Aluminum Paste for silicon solar cells

Greentech Lead America: Targray Technology International
announced the availability of Giga Solar Materials’ Aluminum Paste for mono and
multi-crystalline silicon solar cells.

The new line of AI Paste offers higher efficiency, higher
peak firing temperatures, hot water test and superior adhesion. With the
addition of this Aluminum Paste, Targray has enhanced its line of Photovoltaic
materials and solutions used by solar cell and module manufacturers.

“Cell manufacturers are constantly looking for low bowing
aluminum pastes in order to save costs and move to thinner silicon wafers while
maintaining low cell breakage rates,” said Patrick Boutard, PV Product Manager,

“They’re under constant pressure for efficiency gains to
drive down the cost per watt. This new generation focuses specifically on this
necessity, and our customers have reported a 0.05 percent to 0.1 percent
increase in efficiency with this new line of 136 aluminum paste,” Boutard

PV cell manufacturers are currently exploring major
technology improvements such as selective emitter, ion implantation, quasi-mono
wafers, rear passivated cells and more to remain competitive. They often
appreciate material changes that can quickly be qualified at no additional
capital cost for modest electrical efficiency gains.

Rear aluminum paste must provide a back surface field to
enable high cell efficiency. It must also be highly compatible with a variety
on silicon wafers and have excellent adhesion qualities to overcome
environmental stress testing at the module level.

Printability is another important property in that a
paste must transfer in a reliable and consistent manner for tight manufacturing
controls and performance. Finally, it must be compatible with a variety of
front and back silver paste by performing well under a wide process window for
co-firing of all 3 pastes.

Targray’s new generation of paste satisfies all of these
criteria with excellent efficiency, high material compatibility, adhesion
strength, and a wide process window.

Targray is a resource in helping Photovoltaic
manufacturers to maximize cell and module quality and reliability, while
lowering their cost per watt.

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